A Letter from Our Vice President of Recruitment

Dear Potential New Member,

When you meet an Alpha Gam, you realize immediately that there is something unique about her. She is a woman who lives life with energy every day. She’s always there for her sisters and loved ones. She makes values-based decisions, inspires others to achieve their goals and makes an impact on her community. She is a woman who lives with Purpose.

To prospective members, I am so excited for you! You are opening the door to the most unforgettable experience. Recruitment is all about finding the chapter that will enhance your time at UNLV in the most amazing ways while providing a lifetime of love. We at Alpha Gamma Delta are so proud to say that we found all that and much more. The rest of my sisters and I cannot wait for Fall when we can share with you what it truly means to be an Alpha Gam.

I truly encourage you to go through recruitment even if you are unsure if joining a sorority is right for you. The recruitment process is an experience unlike any other, in which you will meet hundreds of amazing girls and form sincere and supportive friendships that will last long beyond your college years. It is our goal to make this process special and memorable for you so that you too can find your home away from home.

As the Vice President of Recruitment, I am so proud to not only continue the legacy of Alpha Gamma Delta, but to also ensure that each potential new member has a memorable recruitment experience with us, regardless of where they may choose to pledge. I would like to extend my most gracious thank you for your interest in Alpha Gamma Delta. We’ll see you in September!

Jasmine Serrano
Vice President of Recruitment